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Manual Transmission
The job of the manual transmission is to drive the car in the gear selected. Typical problems with the manual transmissions are hard shifting usually indicated by a grind into gear or popping out of gear selected. Many other complaints of customers are due to noise in the transmissions often times quietest in fourth gear. The typical cause of noise starts with bearings and seals for the transmission. For grinding or popping out of gear problems it can get more involved (i.e. worn shift forks, sliders, syncros, or other miscellaneous parts).  
​The clutch is the connector and the disconnector from engine to transmission. If the clutch is not working properly it will do one of two things. (A) Clutch will slip causing higher engine RPM for speed traveled. This condition will most likely create a high clutch pedal engagement point. (B) Car will be hard to shift into gear sometimes caused by actual clutch issues and other times caused by actuation issues. A clutch issue could be a broken clutch disc dampener spring or something as simple as an adjustment or a hydraulic failure. 
Most people when they think of brakes think of brake pads and or shoes. The truth is that brakes are a complete system. It is true that the most commonly worn items are the pads or shoes but the entire system must be inspected for a proper brake job to be completed. If your brakes are squeaking most likely you will need new pads or shoes and a resurface of rotors or drums. If they are grinding there is a good chance you will be needing rotors or drums replaced. Another common problem with brakes is a low or sinking brake pedal feel. This is a result of a brake hydraulic problem that will be need to be inspected to determine the cause. 

CV Axles are responsible for propelling your front wheel drive car forward as you are driving. They are constantly flexing therefore they fail. They most common complaint we receive is they click especially on corners (i.e. parking lots, u-turns, and tight corners under acceleration). The most common cause of these problems is the rubber flexible boot on inboard or outboard joints rip causing the lubricating grease to leak out. When the boot rips it also allows road debris to enter the joint and damages internal workings of the axle.

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There are two primary types of transmission styles: automatic and manual (stick shift). The automatic transmission utilizes a series of planetary gear sets to obtain the different gear selections, a hydraulic clutch engagement system controlled by the PCM (power control module), and a series of fluid control solenoids and a torque converter, which is a fluid coupler that allows the engine to run while the car is stopped without stalling the engine, and re-engage to make the car move. There is a cooler located in the radiator to cool the transmission fluid before it is returned to the transmission. The transmission connects to the rear of the engine in most cases.
Automatic Transmission